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"Matt Hoormann’s new cd 'Somniloquy' is a gorgeous treatment of musical craft and style. His musicianship shines brightly in this, his debut recording, and should be well-received by trombone aficionados everywhere."

- Dr. Dave Camwell, saxophonist

"Bravo to Matt Hoormann for his new recording 'Somniloquy'!  This wonderful recording will stretch your imagination with new music composed for bass trombone. Matt explores the complete dynamic range and colors of the bass trombone allowing you hear virtuosic playing within all the different collaborations throughout the recording. Every selection in 'Somniloquy' brings a unique and engaging dialogue with collaborators.

'Somniloquy' is a must-have for any brass player or fan of new music!"

- Jeff Conner, Boston Brass

"Through Somniloquy, Matthew Hoormann demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the trombone and brings new light to classical repertoire. Each work features riveting textures, both with the range and tone of the trombone, and also with a diverse rhythmic and melodic approach. When listening to this album I feel both nostalgic for works I've performed and listened to in the past, and intrigued by the new directions and turns that Hoormann takes."

- Melissa Gardiner, New York jazz trombonist

"Somniloquy is a gift for brass players and fans alike. Matt's playing is stunning and the compositions are thought-provoking. Now, more than ever, the world needs people making remarkable art like this album."

- Andrew Hitz, tuba badass and host of The Entrepreneurial Musician and The Brass Junkies podcasts

"It's always welcome when a new voice comes out, and especially when they bring along so many new works. Bravo to Matt for all the additions worth considering."

- Gerry Pagano, bass trombone for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


"With 'Somniloquy', Matt Hoormann has taken the next step in expanding the canon of solo literature for the bass trombone. Several pieces here were composed specifically for Dr. Hoormann, reminding this writer of the invaluable commissions made by the late great William F. Cramer from the 1970's and '80's, including the Serocki Sonatina and the Sulek Sonata. Expertly recorded and performed, this collection will undoubtedly be of great interest to students and pedagogues alike, as we in the low brass family forge ahead in this new millennium. Bravo to all!"

- Scott Whitfield, Los Angeles trombonist and composer

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